1 Work is an action word.

Author:Reed-Woodard, Marcia
Position:Action Plan - The Obvious: All You Need to Know in Business. Period. - Brief article - Book review

BERNARD BELL, SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT FOR TV ONE, INSISTS THAT HE knows there is no mystery to business success. "The secret is that there is no secret," he declares. The cable media executive contends that one's ability to excel in business is a mix of understanding your company's culture, knowing the importance of networking, and connecting with the right mentors to guide you and point you in the right direction. He also knows that there is no substitute for working hard or for being productive and responsible for outcomes.

Bell says that the book The Obvious: All You Need To Know in Business. Period. by James Dale (Hyperion; $17.95) echoes his sentiments on productivity and highlights more than a dozen fundamental business principles. He adds that this short, easy read is an overachiever's manual...

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