2 A woman's advantage.

Author:Reed-Woodard, Marcia
Position:ACTION PLAN - Cheryl Dorsey of Boston University Plastic Surgery Associates Inc. - Brief article

ALTHOUGH THE MEDICAL PRACTICE SHE MANAGED WAS ALREADY thriving, Cheryl Dorsey knew that strengthening her management skills would only benefit her company and help her work environment continue to grow and develop successfully.

"Leadership development is a crucial aspect of any well-run business," says Dorsey, practice administrator for the Boston University Plastic Surgery Associates Inc.

So, in 2004, the ambitious manager enrolled in Simmons College's Strategic Leadership for Women, an executive education course. Dorsey says the five-day program equips professional women with powerful strategies to perform, compete, and win in the workplace.

Dorsey shares her class notes and their practical applications:

Leverage your skills. Women are different from men in how they communicate, relate to, and collaborate with employees. Dorsey focuses on embracing her...

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