2000 travel trips.

Author:Brown, ANN
Position:Traveling to a destination to ring in the new year - Brief Article

It may be the ultimate party. An estimated 2 billion people worldwide plan to welcome the new millennium with a celebration. Many of them will be traveling to a destination to ring in the new year, says Joe Galloway, president and CEO of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA). In fact, British Airways has had a quarter million requests for seats on New Year's Eve Concorde flights. But the Concorde, like many other travel services, has been booked for some time. "The popular destinations are going to be impossible to book now and travelers should expect to spend more than normal. Hotels and airfares during this holiday period typically cost twice more than usual, especially at resort destinations. Because of the millennium, prices should be even higher," says Galloway. "But you can avoid the travel crunch."

The key is in the creativity. Instead of a popular Disney World hotel property, stay at a nearby one. The Walt Disney Swan and Dolphin...

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