3 Tips for surviving a job loss.

Author:Connley, Courtney


BEING LET GO FROM A JOB WITHOUT ADVANCE NOTICE OR the time to make financial preparations is hard, but it's an obstacle many professionals are facing today as companies continue to scale back on their budgets and technology continues to have an effect on the labor market. While data from the Pew Research Center shows almost an even 50/50 split of experts who believe the advancements of technology will destroy job openings and those who believe it will create more opportunities, the one thing that's clear is that professionals should continuously be willing to brush up on both their hard and soft skills.

Matt Durfee, an HR expert who has hired thousands of employees for companies such as Pepsi, Marriott, and Bank One, is using his book, The Job Search Navigator: An Expert's Guide to Getting Hired, Surviving Layoffs, and Building Your Career (Agate B2; $17.95), to help 21st century professionals survive today's job market. As someone who has been laid off nine times himself, Durfee offers the following tips for dealing with a job loss.

Set goals: When going through the new job search process, Durfee advises professionals to set clear and specific goals for what they want to accomplish each week. Make a detailed list asking yourself how much time you want to set aside for connecting with friends, family members, and colleagues in regard to possible j ob openings...

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