3 Creating your personal succession plan.

Author:Reed-Woodard, Marcia
Position:ACTION PLAN - Brief article

ACCORDING TO THE SOCIETY FOR Human Resource Management 2006 Succession Planning Survey Report, more than 58% of companies surveyed use succession plans, which are career road maps for employees preparing to transition into higher-level positions.

"A succession plan is a great tool for moving professionals up the corporate ladder," says Adrienne Graham, president of Hues Consulting & Management Inc., an Atlanta-based recruitment, consulting, and career management firm. "Unfortunately, too often these plans don't represent the diversity of the general employee population, and minorities are either not included or not invited to participate in the preparation process."

Graham maintains, however, that career advancement is a professional's individual responsibility.

She offers this four-step process for creating a personal plan to fast-track your career:

Plan Ask yourself where you want to be in your career two, five, and 10...

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