35 Black Enterprise: celebrating 35 years as your ultimate guide to financial empowerment.


Dear Friends,

Thirty-five years ago, as I launched this publication, I realized that the value of BLACK ENTERPRISE magazine needed to be proven, in its relevance both to our times and to the black community. A true testament to our value is the tact that we now enjoy the pleasure of delivering a publication to more than 4 million readers each month. These readers have come to rely on the tools, useful information, and inspiration found within the pages of BLACK ENTERPRISE--a magazine whose mission has always centered on closing the black wealth gap and financially empowering African Americans.

In 1970, there existed no other publication addressing the financial and business concerns of a growing African American community--one comprised of success-driven business leaders, upwardly mobile entrepreneurs, and an emerging class of corporate executives. Since then, Earl G. Graves Ltd. has grown considerably, evolving from a single title publisher into a multimedia company featuring syndicated television and radio shows, annual business conferences, popular sports/lifestyle/financial empowerment events, a Website, and a private equity fund.

Being able to serve such an important market for 35 years in the multifaceted ways we do is both a privilege and a duty--one that would not be possible without the continued investment of our partners. In this commemorative insert, we are proud to feature a number of corporations that have recognized the value of the BE audience since our launch in August 1970. Out of 49 original advertisers, the nine companies you will see on the following pages are the Trailblazers that have demonstrated an unwavering belief in the value of the African American market and done so without fail for 35 years. They are the pioneers that recognize the significant buying power of the African American community and that maintain their commitment to African American empowerment--entrepreneurially, professionally, and personally. These companies continue to illuminate the path for their peers to follow.

My sincere thanks to our subscribers, readers, and advertisers for 35 years of steadfast loyalty. The 35th Anniversary of BLACK ENTERPRISE magazine is not just our celebration, but one that we share with each of you.

Sincerely, Earl G. Graves Sr. Publisher & CEO BLACK ENTERPRISE

Dear Friends,

When my father, Earl G. Graves Sr., launched BLACK ENTERPRISE magazine 35 years ago, corporate America wasn't sure there was an audience for a publication targeted to African American entrepreneurs, professionals and those entering the corporate workforce. Ten issues later, the magazine became profitable, and corporate America began to realize that such an audience did indeed exist

A large measure of our Success in the early years can be attributed to our flagship marketing partners, those companies that were trailblazers in helping us to bring BLACK ENTERPRISE to the public. Their initial investment paid off, and many of those same clients continue to support the magazine today. It is those visionary companies that we salute in this special advertising insert to commemorate 35 years of BLACK ENTERPRISE.

While we have grown and evolved during our three-plus decades of serving the African American business community, we have not strayed from our original purpose: to serve as a business resource to African Americans in their entrepreneurial and wealth building pursuits. With each new business venture we explore and develop, we will continue to deliver on our promise to empower the African American community--at home, work, and leisure.

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