5 Online businesses in demand: you can start just about any Internet venture. Here are a few worth your time and money.

Author:Burns, Renita


A GROWING NUMBER OF ENTREPRENEURS ARE leveraging the current digital explosion to create viable, sustainable businesses. But due diligence is a must, says Alice Bredin, small business adviser to American Express OPEN. One tip is to tailor your skills to fit the greater business need. "If you're a Web designer, look at how you can make your business friendlier to mobile devices," she says. With a seemingly endless array of possibilities, here are five online businesses for startups or budding entrepreneurs who are looking to turn their expertise into income.


The number of Web pages cropping up has grown exponentially. There were 21.4 million websites added last year, a total of 255 million as of December 2010, according to Royal Pingdom, an Internet monitoring company. The number of Internet users rose 14%. WordPress, a popular content management system, powers 14.7% of the top websites in the world. Obtaining client referrals will go a long way. Look at websites such as iFreelance.com, which allows members to sell their services by way of a bidding system; and Guru.com.


At least 182,000 new jobs have been created by businesses in the U.S. making apps for Facebook, according to a study by the University of Maryland. This app economy has generated a value of about $12.2 billion in wages and benefits to U.S. workers. While there is money to be made developing mobile apps across platforms (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, etc.), it's also a costly process. Check AppsGeyser--a program that simplifies the development process and read Starting An iPhone Application Business for Dummies (For Dummies; $24.99).


You can offer your social media expertise to startups or small business owners looking to outsource these duties. Forrester Research estimates that $...

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