5 tips for running a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Position:Small Biz

1 Be creative. You want to solicit lots of Twitter followers, Facebook fans, LinkedIn connections, and e-mail list subscribers for donations. But don't rely on social media alone to meet your goal. "Some friends of mine formed a giving circle and I modeled that concept by creating multiple giving circles with our staff, my family, and even people I had featured on the site," explains McLeod. Give each group a smaller funding target goal.

2 Offer incentives. Provide a variety of incentives or perks that are worth something to your audience. Offer products, rewards, and opportunities and different price points--from $5 to $1,000. "Reach out to local vendors and ask them to donate goodies like concert tickets. Then conduct giveaways during weeks where donations slow down. It will help build back the buzz," McLeod suggests.

3 Ask for help. "I relied heavily on community members and groups to help spread the word," says McLeod. "I asked people and organizations to post on their Facebook pages and write blog posts. Folks went above and beyond--they created videos, added the campaigns to their e-mail signature, and more." Say! Do! LGBT Wedding Expo dedicated a week...

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