5 ways to make your employees happy: proven tips to increase satisfaction at work.

Author:Connley, Courtney

With the strong desire to attract and retain top talent, employers are offering compelling f perks to keep their employees satisfied. The recent news of Facebook and Apple agreeing to cover up to $20,000 of the cost for their female employees to freeze their eggs may indicate that some corporations are taking the idea of benefits to a whole new level.

As we begin a new year and set new goals and resolutions, it's our happiness at work and in our personal lives that usually takes center stage. Whether you're the CEO of your own small business or the head of a major corporation, below are five ways to upgrade your company's work environment to ensure that you're fostering a happy and productive workplace in 2015.

1 Provide Nap Rooms

While snoozing on the job doesn't sound like an ideal plan for the workplace, top companies such as Google and Huffington Post have incorporated office nap rooms in an effort to increase employee productivity. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 38.4% of men and 37.3% of women have admitted to unintentionally falling asleep at least once during the day within the past month. A NASA study shows that a 26-minute nap can improve work performance by as much as 34%, proving that allowing a midday siesta on the job may not be a bad idea when you're trying to produce great company results.

2 Allow Employees to Telecommute

While the idea of permitting employees to work remotely is nothing new, studies show that companies that grant work-from-home days see better engagement from their staff. According to Gallup, remote workers log an average of four more work hours per week than their counterparts who work on-site; they are also more likely to be engaged in their job than employees who report to an office site daily. While working off-site often means less direct supervision and social Interaction, having the flexibility to work from home provides employees with a higher sense of mission and purpose within the company, which leads to more engagement and greater productivity.

3 Host Career Development Sessions

With a recent LinkedIn survey revealing that the No. 1 reason professionals leave their job is due to a want for opportunities, it's clear that...

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