It has been two years since our groundbreaking report, "The Top 50 Colleges for African Americans," was published. At that time, we pledged to reprise the list every other year, bringing us to this year's report.

The response to our inaugural list was a critical success. The phones at BLACK ENTERPRISE rang incessantly just after the January '99 issue came out. "Everyone wanted to know why our list was special and how we thought our results compared with those of similar magazine lists," recalls Marjorie Whigham-Desir, the story's author and contributing editor for the magazine. Demand for the issue was so great, all back issues featuring our first list are gone.

Many subscribers--educators and parents alike--were glad we'd done such a list. "I got lots of e-mail from parents who found it valuable and thanked me and BLACK ENTERPRISE for doing the list," says survey author Thomas A. LaVeist, Ph.D.

Once the magazine agreed to publish the list, it made it all the more appealing for Kaplan Books to accept a proposal Dr. LaVeist had written for a book, the DayStar Guide to Colleges for African American Students, published this past summer. Now find out which college and university is best for your child and what some of today's leading experts in higher education have to say about it.

Similarly, the high-profile celebrities on our cover were also anxious--literally--about sharing their investment strategies in our story, "Portfolios of the Rich & Famous." While inquiring minds often want to know...

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