Apps to help you grow your money: manage your accounts and invest your savings right from your phone.

Author:Austin, Patrick Lucas

Whether you're just getting into the world of investing or you're a seasoned veteran, your smartphone is your new multi-tool. You could spend hours sifting through app after app, or you could check out black enterprise's list of tools to help you manage your cash from start to finish. There are apps that make investing in your future as simple as tapping your phone. Many offer comprehensive solutions that help you stay on budget and focused on securing your finances.


Platform / Pricing: Web, iOS, Android / Free

Summary: Betterment is the most intuitive way to start your own investment portfolio without knowing the ins and outs of the market. Its straightforward design makes it the perfect tool to get started in the world of investing while simultaneously helping you secure your future.

Why you need it: Betterment will tailor your portfolio based on your needs, whether you want to grow wealth quickly or plan for retirement, and all in an easy-to-use layout.

Key features: A transparent interface shows you where your money is going, and a proprietary tax loss harvesting system helps serious investors squeeze every penny out of their investments.

Fidelity Investments

Platform / Pricing: Web, iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8/ Free

Summary: Fidelity, one of the largest investment companies around, has a suite of apps that'll keep you managing your own portfolio wherever you go, as well as staying up to date on the latest financial news.

Why you need it: If you want to get serious about stocks and trading, Fidelity's mobile apps give you ample information to make decisions and react accordingly. You'll have access to mutual funds, stocks, options, and ETFs all from your smartphone or tablet.

Key features: Push notifications based on price triggers, easy to understand visuals, photo check deposits, and interactive comparison charts all make Fidelity Mobile the go-to service for the serious investor.

Chase Mobile

Platform / Pricing: Web, iOS, Android, Windows Phone / Free

Summary: Chase offers a mobile banking experience on almost every platform, so you're only a few taps away from your cash no matter what device you use.

Why you need it: Mobile banking lets you handle bill paying, view banking and credit card balances, and transfer money to anyone who has a bank account.

Key features: Deposit your checks by taking a picture of them, send...

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