BE modern man raises the bar.

Author:Graves, Earl G., Jr.
Position:Publisher's page

Last year, we introduced one of our boldest and most important new initiatives yet: BE Modern Man, a multiplatform content effort aimed at reclaiming the dialogue about the power, passion, promise, and valuable contributions of black men.

Launched as a dedicated online campaign with the tagline "It's our normal to be extraordinary," and profiling an original cohort of 100 men (including a select group of ambassadors), our celebration of fathers, brothers, and sons has been enthusiastically received by the BLACK ENTERPRISE audience and across social media. Through this effort, we introduced the world to black men making a difference and delivering excellence, including the likes of youth program leader and champion Jay Barnett, Marcus Graham Project Co-Founder Lincoln Stephens, and serial entrepreneur and tech innovator Jon Gosier.

The introduction of BE Modem Man at events such as the 2015 Entrepreneurs Summit and the 2016 Women of Power Summit inspired standing ovations and cheers. As with the creation of our Women of Power franchise more than a decade ago, BE Modern Man is clearly an idea whose time has come.

That's why we are raising the bar and the profile of this inspiring initiative. Beginning this month and over the next several weeks we are introducing our second cohort of 100 BE Modern Men. These outstanding individuals were selected from the hundreds of nominations from the black enterprise audience, as well as from those identified by our editors and content producers and by our original cohort of Modern Men.

In the weeks to come, you'll find that our 2016 BE Modern Men are every bit as impressive as our inaugural group, and arguably more so. These men are drawn from every culture and from across the nation and around the globe. They deliver everyday excellence and valuable contributions across every imaginable industry and area of endeavor, from technology and science to sports and the arts--each with high standards, a...

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