A blueprint for growth: investment banks.

Position:35th Annual Report on Black Business: B.E. 100s - Table

A Blueprint for Growth Investment Banks This Last Chief Year Year Company Location Executive 1 1 The Williams Capital New York, NY Christopher J. Group L.P. Williams 2 2 Loop Capital Chicago, IL James Reynolds Jr. Markets L.L.C. 3 3 Blaylock & Co. Inc. New York, NY Ronald E. Blaylock 4 4 Siebert Brandford New York, NY Suzanne Shank Shank & Co. L.L.C. 5 5 Utendahl Capital New York, NY John O. Utendahl Partners L.P. 6 6 M.R. Beal & Co. New York, NY Bernard B. Beal 7 7 Jackson Securities Atlanta, GA Dudley Brown Jr./ L.L.C. Reuben R. McDaniel III 8 -- Toussaint Capital New York, NY Avery F. Byrd Sr. Partners L.L.C. 9 8 SBK-Brooks Cleveland, OH Eric L. Small Investment Corp. 10 9 Rice Financial New York, NY J. Donald Rice Jr. Products Co. This Last Year Total Managed Year Year Company Started Staff Issues * 1 1 The Williams Capital 1994 45 142.433 Group L.P. 2 2 Loop Capital 1997 70 124.847 Markets...

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