Celebrating real heroes.

Author:Weaver, Frederick D.
Position:Letters - Letter to the editor

THANK YOU FOR YOUR ARTICLE ON MICHAEL DAVIS FOUNDING THE GUARDIAN Line comic book imprint ("Biblical Superheroes," Enterprise, March 2007). I learned of the article on a forum at Reginald Hudlin's Website (www.hudlinentertainment.com).

There is a dearth of comic books appropriate for young readers, and the number of Christian titles for all ages is fewer still. So I applaud Davis for creating The Guardian Line to fill this void. The fact that the comics' heroes reflect the diversity of the real world is icing on the cake.

My only gripe with the article is the omission of Davis being the co-founder of another black-owned comic book company--Milestone Media ("Marketing a New Universe of Heroes," November 1994). His success with Milestone underscores his experience with starting and running a comic book publisher.

Otherwise, the article was an excellent piece--one that continues BE's tradition of reporting on black comic creators. Such coverage is appropriate since black America is...

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