Chicago hope.

Author:Harvey, Hosea
Position:Letters - Letter to the Editor

AS A PH.D. CANDIDATE IN POLITICAL SCIENCE, I read your November 2002 issue with interest. Your article, "What It Takes To Win," was quite timely and well done. It's unfortunate that Ron Kirk and H. Carl McCall fell short in their quests [to become U.S. senator from Texas and governor of New York respectively]--they are both talented and thoughtful people who would have made significant contributions to matters that concern BLACK ENTERPRISE readers.

As we now know, Republican candidates bested Democrats in many critical elections. Black Democrats, especially, did not fare well in most statewide races. Yet, this was notably untrue in Illinois. In fact, the statistics you cited about Illinois significantly distorted the political climate for African American statewide candidates.

Take the campaign of Roland Burris for Illinois governor. Burris ran in a tight, three-way primary and received strong financial contributions from African American business executives in the Chicago area--which you overlooked. You also chided Burris for receiving "only 29%...

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