A chronicle of words and images.

Author:Padgett, Tania
Position:Brief reviews are given of 17 recent books written by and for Blacks; they include 'The Complete Book of Kwanzaa' and 'The Collected Poems of Langston Hughes'

A bounty of beautiful black books, from photographic anthologies to children's short stories, recently emerged on the market. These works chronicle our struggle and survival, culture and promise. While your favorite bookstore undoubtedly will have many more, here are a select few that will make great gifts for someone you love.

Jazz: Photographs of the Masters

Sonny Rollins, Max Roach Quincy Jones are among the 200 photographic portraits of living jazz legends showcased in this new work. Accompanied by a rich, historical text that traces the development of the music, Jazz outpaces many such previous compendiums.

The Blue Note Years: The Jazz

Photography of Francis Wolff

Co-founder of the world-famous Blue Note Records, Francis Wolff took more than 20,000 snapshots of jazz greats as they recorded in his studio. Now 300 previously unpublished photos of Coltrane, Davis, Blakey and other jazz greats who made the record label preeminent fill this volume.

Art and Craft in Africa: Everyday

Life, Ritual Court Art

In Africa, aesthetic beauty and functionality are inseparable, and as such is celebrated in this finely designed work on African art. More than 180 color photographs of ceremonial statues, masks, swords and cookware from over 100 African tribes accompanied by fast-moving text on the aesthetics of African culture.

One More River To Cross: An African

American Photograph Album

A unique collection of black-and-white photographs of famous and not-so-famous African Americans, Myers chronicles the tragedies and triumphs of black people in the U.S. over the past 150 years. His simple and sweeping prose makes this photo essay an evocative reminder of how far black Americans have come and what it has taken to get there.

The Middle Passage: White

Ships/Black Cargo

Award-winning artist Tom Feelings illustrates the terrifying journey of enslaved Africans crossing the Atlantic ocean, best known as the Middle Passage, with a series of poignant charcoal etchings. Although slim in size, the book overflows with a passion and beauty that sear the mind, wrench the gut and stir the soul. A must for any library.

Essence: 25 Years Celebrating Black


Cull more than 200 photographs of black women from publishing 25 years of Essence magazine and what you have is a tribute to black beauty. A collector's item, the book celebrates the breadth of black womanhood, from the centenarian Delany sisters to the immortal Lena Horne. It's a stunning book any woman would...

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