A Clean Slate.

Author:Brown, Carolyn M.
Position:Deleting computer files - Brief Article

Q I understand that deleted files stay stored somewhere on your hard drive. So, how can I make sure files are permanently deleted from my PC?

--B. Farqua Huntsville, Alabama

a Even after you delete a file and empty your trash or recycle bin, the data remains on your hard drive until another piece of data overwrites it. The only safe way to delete a computer file is to erase it and overwrite it with new data several times so that no traces survive.

Many third-party programs (for both Mac and PO users) can overwrite files and perform other functions to optimize the data on your hard disk. McAfee (www. mcafee.com), popular for its antivirus programs, offers UnInstaller Deluxe. The program enables you to get rid of Internet cache files, temp files, duplicate and junk files, it costs $39.95. UnInstaller lets you identify the amount of disk space you want free and then recommends which files to delete. You will need at least 10MB of free, hard disk space and 8 MB of RAM for...

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