A click in the right direction: website teaches youth financial literacy.

Author:Norfleet, Nicole
Position:EVERYDAY HERO - Website overview


"THERE ARE JUST TOO MANY KIDS OUT THERE WHO ARE trying for that easy dollar, but that is just not the way," says Donald Lee Robinson. "You have to work and save to get the things you need."

According to Charles Schwab's 2007 Teens & Money survey, only 23% of those surveyed, ages 13 to 18, consider themselves knowledgeable about what a credit score is. And less than half, 41%, say that they know how to budget their money.

Last year, Robinson decided to counter this by launching SkillsThatClick (www.skillsthatclick.com), a Website teaching young people--primarily ages 12 to 15--about money management. Made to be educational and entertaining, the site provides users with the opportunity to hone financial skills such as how to use checking and savings accounts, how credit cards work, and how to buy and sell stocks.

Robinson modeled the idea after his nine-year career in the U.S. Navy. "We had simulators to train on every system out there," says the 38-year-old Ohio native. "It was easy to learn because you are learning by your own decisions. I thought that through simulators, people could learn fiscal responsibility relatively easily."

Surprised at how little many people knew about financing, the father of two says that by the time people learn they have made financial mistakes, it is often too late and it amounts to years of credit repair So he combined his military training with his education--a bachelor's degree in marketing and an associate's and master's in business--as well as experience working as a manager of a lending institution.

To date, Robinson has partnered with several charter schools and youth centers...

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