A close call: cell phone offers good mix of price and performance.

Author:Donaldson, Sonya A.
Position:B.E. Tested - Product/Service Evaluation

Siemens' new CF62T is a light, cute clamshell phone that is good at the basics. While it doesn't pack all the bells and whistles we've come to expect from our ceil phones (and let's face it, sometimes those "extras" can be more of an annoyance than a help), the CF62T offers a good combination of price and performance. Weighing just over three ounces and measuring 3.7x1.8x.9 inches, the phone provides up to 220 hours of standby time and 300 minutes of talk time using a lithium-ion battery.

The CF62T features a curvy, loop antenna, which enhances the device's thin, lightweight design, both the external black-and-white display screen and the internal color one are bright and clear, which is a plus if you plan to surf the Web or send text messages. The CF62T also comes with a Dynamic Light feature, which lets you set different flash patterns for specific types of calls or alerts you when your battery is low. We chose Speed for calls from work and Trance Sync for those more relaxing calls from friends and family. You can also adjust the Dynamic Light's brightness for different environments. Voice quality on the CF62T was slightly better than average. (We tested the phone with T-Mobile service in Central Virginia for two weeks and experienced clear sound with only one dropped call.)

So, what's the catch? While we loved the phone's external design and were happy with the screen and sound...

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