A Caribbean connection: Website brings the islands closer to home.

Author:Sylvester, Aisha
Position:WORTH CHECKING OUT ... - CaribbeanFever.com - Website overview - Brief article

KEEPING PEOPLE CONNECTED ACROSS THE DIASPORA 24 hours a day, seven days a week is what Dahved Levy and his partners had in mind when they launched CaribbeanFever.com (www.caribbeanfever.com) in September 2007. As the site has recorded more than 24 million hits since its inception, it appears that the Barbados native and his colleagues have succeeded.

The Website strives to serve as an avenue for consumers to source a wide range of information. "People need a medium to give them Caribbean news," Levy says.

A user-friendly site, CaribbeanFever.com places the Caribbean and Africa at your fingertips. It offers a full menu of breaking regional news, information on the latest festivals and sporting events, along with updates on business and entertainment. Among the offerings, CaribbeanFever.com includes Island Hopping Fever, which links to a number of Caribbean and...

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