High energy: Gaurdie Banister joins Aera as president and CEO.

AuthorPorter, Brenda
PositionAera Energy L.L.C.

GAURDIE E. BANISTER JR. HAS BEEN APPOINTED PRESIDENT AND CEO OF AERA ENERGY L.L.C. in Bakersfield, California. becoming one of the first African Americans in the nation to run a major energy company. Aera Energy, jointly owned by affiliates of Shell Oil and ExxonMobil, is one of California's largest producers of oil and gas, accounting for approximately 30% of the state's production.

"My vision is to use Our world-class operational processes coupled with new, sophisticated technologies to unlock the 3 1/2 billion barrels of resources we have on our books in a safe and environmentally friendly way," Banister says. "I bring a global perspective to Aera, [recognizing] what's taking place around the world and how that affects our business."

Banister succeeds Aera's former president and CEO, Eugene J. Voiland, who retired at the end of 2007. Previously...

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