Entrepreneurship is more than a side hustle.

Author:Graves, Earl G., Jr.
Position:Executive Memo - Conference notes

If you're seeking to launch a new venture or expand your existing business, join us in Miami this spring. That's the location of our 21st Annual Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit, held from May 4-7 at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel.

One of nation's largest gatherings of business owners, the event this year promises to be our most dynamic. For one, it will be chock full of business-building sessions ranging from the acquisition of expansion capital to the application of tech to improve operations and attract customers. Your company can also gain the opportunity to win $10,000 and year-round business consultation if you are selected by our editors to participate in our Elevator Pitch Competition. Beyond a chance to claim great prizes, contestants will be judged by some of the leading angel investors and financiers. Moreover, one of the best features of our conference continues to be providing a venue for scores of business owners, like you, to bolster business networks and facilitate deal making.

I am always personally excited to meet daring young visionaries willing to take risks to pursue their ventures. As I discover an array of innovative products or new business models, I invariably meet a number of attendees who share with me their side hustles. Don't get me wrong, I can fully appreciate the need to generate multiple streams of income but entrepreneurship is not a part-time gig. When it comes to owning and operating a business, you must be all in.

Running a business is, by no means, a hobby that you can run from 6 to 11 after your 9 to 5.1 can fully attest to the fact that building a sustainable company requires a 24-7-365 commitment. I can't tell you how many 18-hour days and weekends I have put into advancing black enterprise. The remaining hours are devoted to sleeping and dreaming about the business opportunities to come the next day.

The peaks and valleys that mark the life of an entrepreneur don't come with a convenient schedule. Unlike a side hustle, you can't afford to put your business on the shelf and wait for the right moment to bring it back into the marketplace. In order to ultimately succeed, you must be tenacious, fearless and willing to embrace that every "no" is nothing...

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