Executive health: resolve to be fit.

Author:Gumbs, Alisa

BY THE TIME THEY'RE READY TO SAY GOODBYE TO JANUARY, many people have already bid adieu to their New Year's resolutions. If you decided that 2016 was the year you were finally going to get fit, but your will is already waning, here's your pep talk--courtesy of two of the biggest fitness personalities on the net.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, where she teaches BodyBlast Bootcamps, Lita Lewis (LitaLewis.com) is a certified trainer and health and fitness advocate who also competes in bodybuilding. She's known across social media as Follow the Lita, where she doles out equal parts life and fitness motivation to hundreds of thousands of followers.

Certified trainer and licensed cheerleading coach Deanna Jefferson (DeannaJeffersonFitness.com) is the sole proprietor of My Fitness Bootcamps L.L.C. and the owner of Fab Body Factory gym in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. An official NIKE trainer since 2012, she shares her #TeamFabBody tips with everyone from celebrities and athletes to CEOs.


"I've always said if you're sick and tired of starting over, then stop giving up! It's all about consistency," says Lewis. "Don't burden yourself with unrealistic expectations; ease your way into a new routine. Health and fitness should be adopted as a healthy lifestyle, so plan your schedule, start by incorporating things you love, and enjoy the journey of adapting to a new healthier lifestyle. Your chances of consistency increase significantly!"

Jefferson echoes the importance of setting realistic expectations. "You can get overwhelmed and discouraged when the goal is too lofty. Take baby steps." She also suggests you keep revisiting the initial motivation by posting pictures or notes in spaces you frequent or typing goals into your passwords. And don't forget to share your goals.


Even busy professionals have no excuse. "Shoot for morning workouts so you don't get distracted later in the day," says Jefferson. "Schedule them the week before. And remember: Something is always better than nothing." Lewis recommends a little out-of-the box thinking...

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