Finding purpose in plastic surgery: how Dr. Beth McCampbell uses reconstructive surgery to service her community.

Author:Floyd, Safon
Position:LEAD - Interview

Name Beth McCampbell, M.D. Age 48 Job Plastic Surgeon, Entrepreneur Education B.A., Architecture, Princeton University; M.D., Howard University College of Medicine WHAT STARTED OUT AS A TRAJECTORY TO BECOME AN ARCHITECT suddenly shifted to plastic surgery, when Beth McCampbell sought purpose in her career. McCampbell took her architectural interests in form, structure, function, and beauty, and used them instead to help people directly by reconstructing the faces and bodies of patients suffering from physical ailments.

Now with her own plastic surgery practice, McCampbell Plastic Surgery L.L.C., in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, McCampbell has found a way to connect, impact, and serve her community, thus fulfilling her sense of purpose while playing by her own set of rules.

What made you decide to embark on a career as a plastic surgeon?

I was always interested in being creative and working with my hands. As a kid, I would take old clothes and reconstruct them in different ways. When I was in high school, I started taking art history courses and got really interested in architecture. I enjoyed studying structure and form; making things that were functional as well as beautiful. I majored in architecture in college, but began to feel that I really wanted to do something that would help people more directly.

How do you serve your community with your work as a plastic surgeon?

What is so great about the field of plastic surgery is that we pretty much treat every kind of patient--from babies to the elderly, men and women, every race, and every part of...

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