Franchise interest.

Position:Fast food restaurant franchise information - Brief Article

QA I am interested in starting a McDonald's franchise. I have done a bit of homework, but I need additional financial and leasing information so that I can get the ball roiling.

Chancey L. Skipper, Newark, New Jersey

There are several ways to "get the ball rolling" with a McDonald's franchise: By purchasing an existing restaurant from the fast-food giant; purchasing from a franchisee; or purchasing a new restaurant. Bill Whitman, a spokesman for the McDonald's Corp., says the financial requirements will vary depending on the method of acquisition. The purchase price of an existing restaurant depends on cost factors such as the price paid to the selling franchisee, sales or transfer taxes, the reinvestment needs of the restaurant, and ongoing fees. Purchasing a new restaurant involves such variables as the size of the establishment, the area of the...

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