Getting it sold.

Author:Robinson, Tennille M.
Position:SAVVY SOLUTIONS - Brief article

QA I'm an artist looking to sell my work. Can you offer me some information on ways to market my paintings as well as how to get my artwork published?

--H. Lassiter

Suffolk, VA

The opportunities for exposure are endless for artists, but your entry into the art world will be what you make of it.

To start, contact art galleries in your area to find out which of them support local artists. Also become an active member of area art societies and museums: lending your support to the arts will give you a leg up on your own pursuits. Your community's fine arts organization, the Suffolk Art League (www.suffolk, hosts an Annual Open Members Show and provides workshops. Furthermore, create a body of work: about two dozen paintings in the style, color, and subject matter that reflect you as an artist. You will need this when you meet with galleries you would like to be represented by.

Develop a Website to showcase your art. Even if you...

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