How to network when you're an introvert.

Author:Connley, Courtney

NETWORKING AND BUILDING professional connections can be a bit stressful, even if you're an outgoing person.

For introverts, the process of meeting new people can be intimidating. But as we all know, opportunities are often presented based on who we know rather than what we know. And while 'no new friends' may be a common catchphrase among millennials, the idea of limiting your network is never good when it comes to your work life.

Below are a few tips to help even the shyest person break the ice in a room full of new faces.

1 Prepare: Before attending an event, be sure to do your research on what type of event it is and the type of people who will be in the room. Make a plan for who you want to connect with and why. This will help to alleviate the stress of feeling like a complete outsider who has no clue about the interests or likes of people there.

2 Pay a compliment: it's not easy going up to a complete stranger and striking up a conversation. However, everyone likes to receive a compliment, and telling someone that you like their dress or tie can be just the start you need to build a budding professional relationship with someone new.

3 Start small: Being in the presence of a large crowd can sometimes make you want to shrink and stand in a corner all night. Instead of going to large...

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