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Author:Robinson, Tennille M.
Position:Motivation: achieving your personal best - Brief article - Column

I am working on a business plan for a retail store concept. I am also a freelance marketer and social entrepreneur, which essentially means I must wait for clients to pay me. This leads me to perusing the Internet to look for jobs, which is something I really do not want to do but may have to, to earn money to live. I would rather be creating and getting the knowledge I need to complete my business plan.

--S. Williams

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Are you determined to see your business dream become an entrepreneurial reality? Do you understand getting there may be via an unconventional and perhaps long path?

You can do both, but it requires finding balance. It's going to be a juggle of your time and your budget. Tap into your resources and be strategic about the jobs you take on. Payment from these jobs will provide revenue that can go toward, say, hiring a certified public accountant to prepare and review your business plan financials; or the fee to attend an industry trade show in your area.

In the book Make the Impossible...

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