Spice it Up.

Author:Alleyne, Sonia
Position:Lifestyle: Your Entree to Luxury Living - Brief article

SEA SALT IS NOT YOUR TYPICAL TABLE SEASONING. IN fact, because sea salt is usually unrefined, it contains a variety of trace minerals such as iron, potassium, and magnesium, which makes it a healthy and trendy alternative to what our mothers used to cook with--or what you may still find today in many restaurants. But sophisticated food purveyors are introducing a variety of salt options that create a more distinct and flavorful dining experience. Doughba H. Caranda, founder of Caranda Fine Foods, takes these spices to a new culinary dimension. Originally from Liberia, Caranda was introduced to the holistic properties of herbs and spices as a child in his grandmother's garden and on his grandfather's farm.


These garden gifts have not only become his passion; they're now part of a...

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