A change of pace: Tahinde Frederick gets a lifestyle upgrade in Bermuda.

Author:Drakes, Sean


TAHINDE FREDERICK WAS NETWORKING AT A BUSINESS conference in Bermuda in 2006 when she decided to test career prospects there. An assistant vice president at an insurer in New York, she sent her resume out just to "see what would happen."

"Within one month I had an offer after interviewing with three companies," recalls Frederick, originally from Washington. Today, as a senior risk analyst for Montpelier Reinsurance, Frederick admits that demand for talent definitely worked in her favor and is still a challenge for the island.

A self-governing territory of the United Kingdom, Bermuda's economy is primarily based on financial services and tourism. There is also light manufacturing. The reinsurance sector has grown steadily over the last 20 years, and several American companies migrated there following the September 11th attacks and Hurricane Katrina.

Frederick is enjoying her new lifestyle in Bermuda. She has participated in the End-to-End Race, which spans the 22 miles of the island. "My first year I biked it in two hours," she boasts. Frederick doesn't golf but appreciates it as a main attraction on the island. The wildly popular Bermuda Music Festival and PGA Grand Slam are among special events for 2009, as well as the Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge in June, commemorating Bermuda's 400th anniversary (www.bermudatourism.com).


Located on the waterfront in the reinsurance district, the Fairmont Hamilton Princess (www.fairmont.com/hamilton; 76 Pitts Bay Road, 441-295-3000) [1] is the preferred address of professionals for conferences and business luncheons. The ambiance exudes the grandeur of English tradition, and the service is impeccable. Guests have access to the exclusive Riddell's Bay Golf & Country Club (www.riddellsbay.com) [2] located near the sister property, the Southampton Princess.

Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa (www.cambridge beaches.com; 30 King's Point Road, 441-234-0331), "is very secluded and nice...

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