The 10 `Ps' of prosperity.

Author:Clarke, Robyn D.
Position:Brief Article

Follow them and chart big successes

You've no doubt heard of the Ten commandments. To this day, they remain important life-guiding principles that govern individual and collective behavior. Wouldn't it be great if there were 10 basic rules for achievement? Well, there are, thanks to motivational speaker and author Jewel Diamond Taylor (; 323-964-1736). Check out Taylor's 10 "Ps" for success in life:

* People: Thou shalt surround thyself with positive, caring, supportive, networking, productive, and like-minded people. Success is contagious.

* Prepare and Plan: Thou shalt get organized, make necessary contacts, calls, or calendar dates. Gather your materials and resources and get started today. Overcome the greatest enemies to your wealth and health: procrastination and laziness. Procrastination is a thief.

* Pen and Paper: Thou shalt write down thy goals. Think it, then ink it. Be specific. Have a target date. Review them often.

* Pray: Thou shalt ask the Lord to order thy steps. Pray for wisdom, courage, discernment, discipline, and strength. When in doubt or fear, pray.

* Patience: Thou shalt keep thy cool. Avoid frustration, undue stress, and mistakes. Understand that everything unfolds and develops in due season, and that there are no shortcuts to success.

* Protect your health: Thou shalt take care of thy temple. Eat healthy foods, exercise, and avoid stress. You...

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