Top executives in corporate diversity: B.E. identifies American industry leaders of inclusion.


By The editors

The competitiveness of corporate America requires inclusion at all levels--and that culture of inclusion comes from the top. That's why BLACK ENTERPRISE has developed a list of the Top Executives in Corporate Diversify. This roster represents senior managers and C-suite executives charged with ensuring that major corporations have diverge representation across the board. We found top-ranked executives among the nation's 250 largest publicly traded corporations whose primary responsibility is oversight and implementation of policies and programs that advance African Americans, Latinos, and other ethnic minorities as well as women, the disabled, and the LGBT (lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender) population throughout their employee, senior management, and supplier ranks. They are also involved with expansive outreach to the diverse communities in which they serve.

According to the Center for American Progress, an educational institute dedicated to improving the lives of Americans through progressive ideas and action, an inclusive workforce that brings together a vast array of experiences and backgrounds breeds greater creativity, innovation, and productivity.


* A powerful impact on overall GDP growth: According to the report, the nation's "human capital" significantly expands as more African Americans, Latinos, women, and LGBT individuals enter the workforce. A McKinsey & Co. study found that the increase in women's overall share of U.S. labor--women went from holding 37% of all jobs to 47% over the past 40 years--has accounted for about a quarter of current GDP.

* The ability of companies to capture a larger share of the consumer market: A Deloitte Review report revealed that a culture of unifying workers from different backgrounds and experiences enables corporations to more effectively target diverse consumer segments. Diversifying the workplace helps increase market share--and the bottom line.

* A more qualified, dynamic workforce: When companies hire from a diverse talent pool, they create the optimal scenario for hiring the best and brightest as well as assembling a group of workers who will drive creativity and innovation. An added bonus: Studies show that businesses that value a diverse workforce have lower employee turnover rates and, in turn, significantly reduced costs.

In BLACK ENTERPRISE's recent reports on board and supplier diversity, we've shown how major corporations can gain similar advantages in those areas as well.

On the following pages, you will discover those executives who make diversity a business imperative.


To select our Top Executives in Corporate Diversity, BE's editors sought to identify the highest-ranking and most influential corporate executives in the field. We set out to select those senior managers responsible for leading the corporate diversity initiatives in the top 250 largest publicly traded companies. As part of our comprehensive search, we consulted major corporations, diversity professionals, trade associations, and resources such as the Executive Leadership Council, Diversity Best Practices reports, and the Center for American Progress, among others.

Our selections met the following criteria:

* We selected all verified chief diversity officers, global diversity executives, executive and senior vice presidents, and vice presidents and assistant vice presidents who lead diversity initiatives vital to the business objectives of their respective parent companies.

* We excluded all executives who have been identified as domestic directors, managers, or assistant and associate directors and managers in this area.

* All executives have overall diversity and inclusion as their sole function or primary responsibility as well as part of their managerial title.

* We excluded those who serve as general counsels, human resource officers, or corporate foundation executives without a diversity management designation for the parent company.

* We excluded senior managers who oversee media relations, public affairs, investor relations, community development, and government affairs.

* We excluded all executives associated with nonprofit organizations and trade associations.

* We excluded all companies that declined to respond to the verification process of BE Research.

* All research for this editorial package, including diversity appointments on this listing, is as of April 1, 2014.


Kenneth J. Barrett

Chief Diversity Officer

General Motors Corp.

Hayward L. Bell

Chief Diversity Officer


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