A car is born: Wydens Gabriel transforms ordinary model cars into masterpieces.

Author:Smith, Jennifer L.
Position:Teen passions - Wydens Gabriel's Speed Cars

Interest plus enterprise is the equation that led to the development of 17-year-old Wydens Gabriel's Speed Cars, a model car detailing business.

Two years ago, Wydens. who alreadv had an interest in cars, saw a friend's model car and decided to purchase materials from a hobby store to customize his own. The word got out about the remote-controlled scale model car Wydens bought and redesigned for himself, and, after following the advice of his brother, Wydens began to customize model cars and sell them to others.

Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, and Lamborghini are just some of the types of car bodies that Wydens uses for detailing. Customers request the type of body, color, and design they want on their car. Each car takes Wydens about four days to a week to complete and the designs that he uses include words, flames, and photos.

Wydens' clientele includes 25 people, and some clients have come back more than once to purchase model cars. The teen charges $500 per car, but did not make as large a profit from his business as you might expect: Initially, the only costs that Wydens factored into how much he would charge for the finished product included the cost of each car [$200 dollars) and the paint and primer he...

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