You can fall back in love with your career.

Author:Hazelwood, Janell P.
Position:JANELL P. HAZELWOOD'S: TIP OF THE MONTH - Brief article

Recent Gallup research shows that there are twice as many "actively disengaged" workers in the world as there are "engaged" workers who love their jobs. If you're part of the unhappy crowd and are considering putting in your two-weeks' notice, take these steps first:

  1. Make a list of pros and cons. Consider factors such as location, salary, job duties, potential for growth, network, and agreement with your passions or what you do well.

  2. Take on another aspect of your industry. Sometimes it's easy to get stuck in a rut because of routine. Break out of the rut by exploring other arenas within your industry that you've never imagined or discovered.

  3. Step up your...

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